Grilled Turkey Wrap
1 small tortilla wrap - 80 calories
Lunchmeat Turkey (I like Hillshire Farms) - 50 calories

I put those together and either grill it on the George Foreman grill or you can even pan grill it like a quesadilla. I add lettuce and mustard to mine and it altogether is
under 150 calories and it fills me up. Also add lettuce and tomato for a little more flavor (add after it's grilled)

Some more food options-->
- 1/2 Wholemeal Pitta Bread (28g) & 1 Laughing Cow Extra Light Cheese Triangle - (92 
- 1/2 Wholemeal Pitta Bread (28g), 1/2 tbsp Low Fat Cottage Cheese (25g) & Lettuce - (93
- 1/2 Wholemeal Pitta Bread (28g) & 1 Cup of Bouillon Vegetable Stock - (88 Cals).
- 1/2 Wholemeal Pitta Bread (28g) & Salad items - (72 Cals).
- 2 Rice Crackerbreads & 1 Laughing Cow Extra Light Cheese Triangle - (60 Cals).
- 3 Kallo Corn Cake Crackers & 1 tsp Low Sugar/ Low Fat Jam - (approx 85 Cals).
- Celery Sticks & 1 & 1/2 tbsp Cottage Cheese (75g) - (63 Cals).
- Cup-a-Soup (check calorific contect but there are many brands under 100 Cals).
- 70g Tinned Tuna Fish in Spring Water & Salad (79 Cals).
- 100g Heinz Spaghetti Hoops & 1/2 slice of standard White Bread - (approx 88 Cals).

Spinach Pita Sandwich

1 Wheat pita
Fresh Spinach leaves
Shreaded carrots
Fresh mushrooms
Shreaded cheedar cheese

Heat in microwave for 45 seconds and you have a healthy meal to die for!

**Not sure how many calories- about 150-200 calories?

Turkey Roll Up
2 slices of turkey breast
 2 medium Boston lettuce leaves
2 red bell pepper strips
 Roll everything up with the turkey
Not the outside. =54cals.
* oil salad dressing (5 calories/tbsp.) for a dip or any kind of dip...yogurt dip, whatever. It’s still very low in calories. 

Cucumber Pita
Pita pocket cut in half
shredded lettuce
diced tomatoes and onions
2 tbsps of sour cream or gyro sauce
Serves 2, 110 calories each
Fill pita with ingredients and devour.

Bagel Pizza
-1/2 low fat Sarah lee wheat bagel: 60cals
-slice of fat free cheese: 30cals
-tomato sauce: as much as you want up to 1/4cup for 20cals!
Lightly toast bagel, apply sauce and cheese- microwave for about 45seconds-1minute.
Total calories: 110 calories

Breadless Sandwich (Lettuce Wrap)
2 leaves lettuce (10)
1/2 medium tomato (12)
pickles slices (10)
mustard (0)
turkey meat (50)
TOTAL-82 calories
Roll up all of the sandwich stuff inside the leaf lettuce and eat. YUMMY!

Pizza English Muffins->a great lunch 
- country kitchen's lo-cal English muffin
- very little mozzarella cheese (You don't need much to get the cheese pizza effect )
- low sodium, lo-cal tomato paste
how it's done:
- preheat oven to 350 degrees
- split the English muffin
- spread about a tbsp of tomato paste on each side(You can just use like a regular pasta sauce its more calories though)
- lightly sprinkle some mozzarella cheese
- bake "pizza" until cheese softens and melts; you can also use a microwave to do this as well.
*Makes two servings, 70-75 calories each*
You can add pepperoni or sausage or make a hawaiian pizza whatever you like!!

Strawberry Cottage Cheese and Cream Cheese Wrap
1/2 low cal wrap->60 calories
2 Tbs. fat free cottage cheese-> 25-30 calories
1-2 tsp. fat free cream cheese ->7-12 calories
1-2 tsp. low cal smucker's strawberry preserves-> 8-16 calories
Spread the cream cheese across the wrap; layer the cottage cheese upon that, and then top with the preserves. Roll into a log and savor. This is good for killing cravings for doughy, creamy, fruity and sinful desserts!
Total Calories=107-118 calories

- no picture sorry, if I make i'll upload a picture

Cheese Burrito
Total calories=93.2 calories
One small and thin corn tortilla = 40 calories
One tablespoon refried beans = 18.2 calories
One tablespoon mozzarella cheese = 20 calories
2 tablespoons of salsa = 15 calories
Spread the beans on the tortilla, top with cheese and nuke it for about 40 seconds. Top with your favorite salsa and enjoy!!
There is still plenty of room to add onions, lettuce, tomato, and green chilies or whatever you want to add to it. If you add sour cream or beans then add on those calories babe.

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